Saturday, February 28, 2009

Good Morning Jesus.... I Love You

My Father in's my prayer this morning, i want to be like a child who have a pure heart. I want to know you more today, I want to love you more today, i want to serve You more. Thanks for Your love. This morning, You give me a new day, new live, new heart and i know You will give me more, Thanks for Your grace. I need You Lord. I love You Jesus. I am Yours.


sahala napitupulu said...

@ mon ami Kezia

I want to say congratulation for your new blog special edition in english. I know you extraordinary girl, because your vision of life to worship Christ Jesus, our savior. Keep on fire in the holy spirit.

blessing in Jesus'name

Kezia said...
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Kezia said...

Thanks for your Support Sir, i hope this blog will be bless.

Please teach me about grammar, because i can't speak and write in english well.

Jesus Bless You too