Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm Falling In Love With You

This week i learn something that make me knowing about ralationship with God. Let me share it with you and i hope it will bless you all.

I don't know why, i meet someone who have a different typical with me. He is firm, sometimes funny, and i like all about his caracter. everyday i want meet him, want to know what his activity, his condition, etc. everytime i hear message tone, i hope that one of them comes from him . Then when he send me message, i will smile, i feel so happy and enjoy with this feeling. I call him with "ai" it's taken from chinnese language means : love. But... maybe i will never say " i love you" to him, because i know he don't have same feeling like me. i hear it from his lip. Yeah.. i know i'm just ordinary girl.

when i pray, i got some understanding about relationship with God according my condition now. When feel falling in love with Jesus, we want to meet Him everytime and everywhere, we like to pray, worship n prise Him, live changes, character changes, smile in every condition and also look so happy. Why?? because we are falling in love,. falling in Love with one person who died for us.

Although we are christian, undefinity we falling in love with Him, it's mean that if we want feel more close with God, we must falling in love with Him. And remember this : JESUS LOVE US TOO, so we can say " i love You Jesus" . Don't be affraid to say that because Jesus love all of us, without seeing our identity, we are same in His eyes. it's proofe when He gives His Live for Us. He always waiting to speak with us . He love Us so much...

give thanks for Jesus although i feel confused, because i feel something and i must hide away it in my deepest heart, but i know, i learn some precious wisdom.
Now i can say " I love You Jesus, i'm falling in love with You" , i'm not affraid to say that because i know You love me too.

Thank You for loving me and giving me Your all.

with love
~ keZia~


Anonymous said...

Who is he???

he he he