Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Prayer

Dear Father in heaven, You are the only Peace and Joy of life.

Lord, give us the unshakeable faith. The Ruthless faith toward You. Total surrender and complete trust for whatever will happen in our life.

For when the circumstances around us are uncertain and sometime frightening, we will choose to trust in You. Because it is better to be in Your plan even when You put us in the midst of great danger compare to running away from your will.

For there is no safer place but to be in Your plan and be obedient in it.

Destruction and harm shall not come near us when we live in Your will for You shall cover us with Your feathers. But even when You allow us to experience hardship and pain, Your faithfulness and grace are always sufficient for us.

Help us to life full of impact to this world around us. Help us to shine like candles in this dark world.

Father give us courage and power to leave behind all things that are hindering us from following and obeying You.

All glory and honor to You, our Lord, Awesome and Powerful God.


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